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Neighborhood Grocery is excited to announce that it is accepting investors again to fund its expansion. The company is expanding into the prepared food realm to better serve our neighbors. This expansion will include its own private label products, and most importantly, a commercial kitchen on grounds which is designed to created more skilled jobs, reduce food waste, and to produce more tasty prepared food for the community.  


On January 31, 2020, Neighborhood Grocery launched its equity crowdfunding campaign which allows Michiganders the opportunity to become founding investors in the project. To date, Neighborhood Grocery has raised over $400k from Michigan Investors. 


For interested investors, please follow this step-by-step process:


Step 1Read Offering Memorandum 

Also known as a Prospectus, the Offering Memorandum has been prepared in accordance with the Michigan MILE Act of 2014 and contains important information about our Company and investment offering. Please read all documents and filings prior to making an investment. 


Step 2Invest

Complete the company's Subscription Agreement which is your contract acknowledging how many shares of stock you will purchase from the company. And Pay!!

Alternate ways to pay


You can buy your shares directly from the company. NOTE: Leave your email address in the comment when investing via Cash App.


In Person/By Mail

Please send all checks/money orders to:


500 Manistique

Detroit, Michigan 48215

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