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Become an Investor

Neighborhood Grocery is a Detroit equity-crowdfunded grocery store concept opening it's first store on the eastside of the city.

For little as $50, Michiganders can become founding investors in Neighborhood Grocery. Investors will be share company profits, receive product discounts, and voting power on some operational matters. Most of all, investors are helping fund advanced, and inclusive developments that represents its communities. 


Neighborhood Grocery's donation crowdfunding efforts are powered by GoFundMe. 

Donations are tax-deductible. All funds are going to the startup requirements of the company

equipment gifts

Along with financial donations, Neighborhood Grocery is accepting equipment gifts as well. Current needs are: 

- Coolers/Freezers

- Shelves

- Produce Racks

- Commercial Kitchen Tables/Equipment

Our specific equipment needs are listed below. Please reach out if you can donate equipment at:

technical assistance

Technical assistances are needed as well. Architectural, construction, legal, and marketing services are needed to complete our startup requirements. Specifically, our current needs are:

- Updated floor plans

- Equipment installers

- Pro bono legal representation

- Photographers, videographers, web designers

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